anastasia art photography artwork by stacie milmeister

The artwork of celebrities and photographs of celebrities. Artist and celebrity photographer stacie milmeister enjoys  spending time with celebrities and photographing them as they really are, having fun and being real people, not just celebrities.
Donita & Ron

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Welcome to Anastasia Art photography gallery where you can view striking fine art images of celebrities made by artist Stacie Milmeister displaying the artist's personal fine artwork and images of celebrities. The artist displays her artwork and photos of celebrities on her website and appreciates the artwork and pictures of celebrities of other artists as well. She has started an artist webring to display celebrities and the artwork of various artists and celebrities from around the globe. Each Artist with celebrities photos who is listing celebrities as artwork on the celebrities in art artwork site is talented and creates artwork of celebrities using celebrities as subjects. many celebrities are at teh events that have images of the celebrities that are displayed on the art website. The celebrities that have been encountered at these events include such celebrities as ron jeremy, donita, midori, madison, johnny toxic, suzi suziki, shana mcullough, nina whett, with other celebrities and celebrities and celebrities relatives and friends of celebrities. All artwork featuring any subject including celebrities is welcome into the art site. Celebrites are often seen and photographed at events and commercial premieres and openings by the photgrapher who is hired to photograph the celebrities as they are or the celebrities as they leave. All of the celebrities are aware that the photographer is taking pictures of them, so the celebrities often times pose for the shots as with the image of ron jeremy witih donita. Ron jeremy is a celebrity who has made his mark in the erotic film world and other celebrities happened to be at an event called porn 2 rock so this images was taken of these celebrities at the porn 2 rock musical cd premiere. All of the celebrities at teh eent were photographed and soon another gallery of celebrities at parties will be added to the anastasia art site. It will include images of celebrities from various premieres and events and parties all of which had many celebrities as guests of the even. All of the celerities were aware of the photographer and posed for many of the photos. These were more commercial jobs than fine art work but they were fun and all of the celebrities involved were very nice and wonderful celebrity models. Thanks to all of the celebrities who contributed to the celebrity events that allowed these celebrities images to be captured and remembered. Your fans thank you and to all the other celebrities in the world, thank you for posing and smiling, it makes parties much more fun for everyone, including the celebrities.

Anastasia Art photography site is the online photography art portfolio of fine art photographer stacie milmeister. Through her photography, stacie exlores and documents the world around her. She is actually a fine art documentary photographer who creates fine art from her photography explorations in the world. Photography as a medium allows stacie to share her vision, which focuses on the many facets of life, including landscape photography, event photography, wedding photography, pet photography, child photography, architecture photography, commercial photography, corporate photography, urban photography, nude photography, erotic photography, nature photography, family portrait photography, documentary photography, infrared photography, specialty photography, color photography, black and white photography, small format photography and medium format photography. These print come in the form of black white silver photographs or color ilfochrome photographs and can be hand painted photographs, sepia toned photographs and black and white photographs or color photographs.
All photographic fine art prints are available in limited edition collectible signed and numbered prints. each photograph can be framed and matted as to the clients wishes. Photography is a magical medium that allows this artists to express herself and her vision of the world around her, through the magic of photographic prints. The camera servers as a tool to connect the photographer and her world, so that she can stop time and share the vision with other photography admirers and photography art collectors around the world. Photography is the most amazing technilogical invention and photography has shaped and changed our current culture and world. Some of the fine art master photographers who have influenced her artwork are diane arbus, annie liebowitz, ansel adams, steiff, anton corbijn, margaret bourke white, Robert Doisneau, Robert Mapplethorpe, anton stankowski, Berenice Abbott and many more. Stacie also collects vintage fine art photographs from the 19th and 20th century. Photography has fascinated her since she was a child and she took her first photograph before the age of ten. Now the history of photography is so fascinating and the photography prints that stacie collects are beautiful photographs. Some of the images are erotic vintage photographs, original prints from the 1800's. They're fascinating and beautiful images and the photographers of the past are also an influence in the work of this photographer and artist.

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